We work closely to structure inventive Assets Protection tools for High Net Wealth Individuals and Estate Planning for their Families through inter vivos gifts, life insurance, charitable gift planning and wills & trusts drafting. We can advise on income, capital gain, estate, gift, inheritance and generation-skipping taxes.

We build for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners efficient Wealth Transmission schemes and help Corporate Executives & Private Investors achieving their private Financial Investments and structuring their Property Acquisition projects.

We work diligently with Trusts Administrators & Estates Executors towards resolving the legal issues encountered in the management of international transactions, in presence of foreign beneficiaries and creditors or arising from the administration of foreign properties and works of art. We also have the ability to represent a wide range of clients in Trusts & Estates disputes litigation: Surviving Spouse, Heirs, Beneficiaries, Trustees, Executors, Guardians and Creditors.

We work in coordination with Private Banks & Life Insurance Companies to review the financial products and services they offer to the general public and to help structuring the national or international legal and tax aspects of transactions planned on behalf of their clients.